Next in line on our #FloETIC2017 feature series is STom al-Madusi who is a Jesus-freak, performance poet, musician and humanitarian from Nairobi, Kenya. He uses his art to inspire, teach and create awareness in the society. He is part of where they tell untold stories of street and slum dwellers.

He has travelled different countries (Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda) performing and mentoring young people. His works have been recognized in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and other parts of the world.

To Stom, this is what poetry means to him –

“Poetry to me is a voice. A powerful voice that never cowers. It is compassionate even when it rebukes. It is not shy to speak taboos. Poetry brings out all the thoughts, emotions, fears, strengths and goals to people.
It’s the voice that gives me hope, awakening and encouragement and in turn I spread that to my listeners.
Poetry is my therapy. It gives me healing.

Poetry is relevant to the art industry today because of how it manages to capture things that everyone relates with, in a simple conversation – like manner. It is basically in all aspects of art – music, narratives, acting…”