We started this #FloETIC2017 (SePOETember) feature last year to beam the spotlight and celebrate poets across Africa in September 2016 to celebrate the blog’s sixth anniversary then. This year has seen us reduce the number to less than 10 poets in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania and change the name to reflect what their words mean to us as poets and change agents. The one thing we wanted to find out is what poetry means to them and whether it’s relevant as an art form today.

The first up is Miss Temi.d.Poet who is a student of the University of Lagos, June born, lover of art and writing spoken word artist and essentially loves every expression of art. She also love connecting with people and building positive relationships.


“Poetry is an important part of art. Poetry is life to me ,poetry is expression to me, poetry is healing to me, poetry is connection to me. Poetry has played a very vital role in art and it is highly relevant because it allows people to express themselves, it gives room for connecting people, it brings people together, it explains so much in short time.”

You can connect with Temi on Instagram – @temi.d.poet