Our feature poet on the #FloETIC2017 series today is ………………………….. drum rolls*

Adesanya Solomon aka Saint Rhymes who from his bio is an “anointed, highly creative & passionate performance poet, inspirational speaker, columnist, author and story teller has performed poetry professionally for close to a decade. now and his energetic and dramatic style of poetry helps him deliver his poems into the heart of his audience. He is a host of a very entertaining and educative poetry radio show ‘Outspoken’ which also runs as an open mic forum every month to help young people express their gift.

What poetry means to him and its relevance to the arts today is captured below. Enjoy.

“Poetry means a lot of things to many people. For me, it means three things
i. Poetry is an art.
ii. Poetry is an artistic medication that allows for emotion health through its FREEDOM of expression of feelings, thoughts, concepts etc.
iii. Poetry is Life, because God is a Poet

Although Poetry has gone through a lot of transformation, modification and adaptation, Poetry is still very relevant in today’s world. In areas such as Education, History, Music and more, the relevance and beauty of Poetry is still much alive. As a matter of fact, in the business world, a lot of media agencies have seen SPOKENWORD POETRY as a means of stamping adverts into the hearts of their target audience. Truth be told, poetry is the least appreciated art, especially in West Africa.

As long as communication remains a part of our day to day activity, poetry will remain relevant. Effective communication happens when information moves from the head to the heart and Poetry is that art that reaches human Heart (ponder on this).

In conclusion, the art of poetry can exert more influence and relevance if given the necessary support it needs. All other word based art draws from the elements of poetry such as metaphor, rhymes, repetition, wordplay. So, the question is, “why feed the chicks and starve the mother hen? Why feed other forms of art and starve Poetry?”

You can interact more with Saint Rhymes via his handles:
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook – @saintrhymes
blog: www.iamsaintrhymes.com