10 Random Things About Temiloluwa

  1. She loves shopping and haggling at the local market.(Not too sure about that. What with the Naija sun…abeg..)
  2. LOVESSSSS chocolate cake.
  3. Not a loner but enjoys being alone
  4. Speaks softly. Laughs very
  5. Thinks big weddings are a waste of money (Amen sis)
  6. Her ideal job would be working the night shift on any sort of creative job.
  7. Absolutely abhors the idea of young women tying a wrapper and wearing a hair net at home. Don’t do it. It’s wrong! (Loving this chick already)
  8. Dislikes inconsiderate, thoughtless or nosy people (who doesn’t).
  9. Thinks women should focus more on their families than their careers. Yes, I said it.(Ermmm….the jury is still out on this one)
  10. Super ticklish.

Hasn’t read Juliane Okot p’Bitek  work but will soon. Favourite poet is Maya Angelou. Her idea of what poetry is has changed. It is more fluid. She writes poetry that the average person can relate to and say, “That’s exactly how I feel.” Wants to go into pottery crafting (maybe become a Ladi Kwali protégé in future. Lol). She has also written a playlet, several articles and keeps a personal blog. Even though she writes part-time, she has floetry block every now and then but still has time to work on a short story and a biography (Madam!! Of Who?). She’s working to develop the ability to write whether “inspired” or not. She’s of the opinion that social media for marketing has wide, targeted reach and has many unpaid platforms which is great for SME’s (and emerging writers).

Her favourite books are The Devil Wears Prada (I can’t remember the author) or Eat. Pray. Love (Elizabeth Gilbert) as both books are modern classics that convey life lessons swathed in humour and fantastic story-telling. Even though it is believed writing is fuelled by talent, most of the time; great writing is fuelled by a message.

She’s launching her website soon but you can connect with her on her (dormant) personal blog on www.temipublished.wordpress.com and on Instagram as @temiloluwapaul.

 Check out some of her published articles online: