Have you ever taken a road trip and had this seat mate who you chatted with all through the journey only to not have them call afterwards?
I travelled last year to spend the Christmas holidays with my sister and her family. Seeing my niece and nephew all grown up brought back memories of when I had to change their diapers, feed them etc but that will be a story for another day. The focus is on Passenger 547 who by my description is male, soft-spoken and a professional like me. We talked all through the trip like we had known each other for years but alas they say appearances can be deceptive. After arriving Lagos, you would think I would get a call right but no he stalled until I called him the next day and then it gets interesting as he claimed he had saved my number and all what not but forgot to call me. Now the question  I asked myself afterwards is, why did he wait till i called him to give me that reason (or will i call it Moral of the story is as much we think we know or have unrealistically high expectations of someone or something, we will always have heartache but there is nothing that surpasses a peaceful heart which only a simple ‘benefit of the doubt gives.