So I was breezing through my Facebook account and i chanced upon this piece and found it an interesting read.
So yesterday morning, the 4th of January 2016, i had an appointment with a friend who couldn’t make it at the time we agreed and pleaded that I exercise patience that he would call me when he got to the office. For sheer disappointment and not wanting to go home to repeat the trip later, I followed my younger sister who came out with me on her way to see the dentist to the dental clinic: Baptist Dental Centre, 45 Okpara Avenue Enugu, ( I’m giving specific details for easy clarification) because she didn’t know the place and I did. On getting there, we asked how much they sold their card, the reply was five hundred Naira and something moved me to get one for myself so i asked for two. How ever among the little crowd seated there, we saw two mamas, mother and daughter who were rather warm in returning our greetings. When we waited for a long while and got uncomfortable, my sister went to ask one of the nurses what was keeping the doctor from coming and was glad when they replied that the doctor was already on ground and seeing people, the young nurse also added that we would go in after the two mamas seated with us. We were glad to know it would soon be our turn while we both joked and laughed at the thought of what i would tell the doctor since i didn ‘t have any tooth issues or even the original intention to see the dentist. Amid the joke we heard someone say the local Enugu state dialect ‘ Mama, biyite ka anyi jee hu doctor’ meaning Mama stand up and let’s go see the doctor. She said it like say 4-5 times and began to hit mama who appeared to be asleep, i didn’t like the sound of the loud bangs on the old woman’s body so i stood up and approached them. She began to shake Mama and her (mama’s head and hand dropped in a way that suggested/ confirmed our worst fear. Mama was dead. She shook and shook and shook while letting out this blood curling wail that sent the doctor and everyone in the neighbouring church building running into the reception. We paved way for the doctor who began to pump her heart region while shouting for an ambulance. He pumped and pumped and pumped while checking her vitals too. After some time he became still. Looked on her for a while and shook his head. Turned to mama’s elderly daughter and shook his head in apology. By now every one was wailing at what we just witnessed. The death of another human being. I don’t quite know what happened but instead of crying, a certain anger, very strange one came upon me . An anger that was so strong it was much later i realised i had bitten my tongue badly. (Of course while praying, I noticed some difficulty in my speech) I flung my bag and began to shout Jesus. I needed him to come on the scene because i wasn’t about to let the devil steal someone away and assault my mind any further in my presence when i knew i knew the one who could help the situation. The wailings were still going on while some men looked on in veiled discomfiture. What was this lady trying to do when right in front of us the doctor had just pronounced the woman dead? This one wearing jean trousers and some funky top? Blasting in tongues again? As God would have it, my sister and one other lady joined me and the looks from the men grew into full disapproving glares but the lord helped us to ignore. They stood by the side and backed me up in prayer. Close to 15 mins it looked like nothing was going to happen but one statement remains vivid in my mind. At some point I cried out ‘ My father before whom i stand in the secret place, answer me in the open’ . After that, i didn’t have to reel out more scripture as Mama heaved a deep deep sigh and moved her hand and shouts of both shock and joy rent the air. Her daughter was still busy crying and shouting into the phone calling people that when the shouts came, she thought it was people still crying over Mama’s passing. So with my two sisters whom the lord used mightily to complete a threefold core, we began to give our trouser and funky tops wearing, tongue talking praise. The relatives who came to convey a dead body to the morgue of course carried a living woman who walked into the car with her own legs, totting the bottle of Sprite the shell shocked but joyful doctor ordered for her. Needless to say what happened with us after wards. Now why am i telling this story on this platform? Certainly not for anything self seeking but one thing is sure- if The Lord had not shown up on the scene, he would still be God for eternity but we would have been embarrased- Not that it would change anything because it’s his name on the line not mine. If the God i called on did not deny me and my two sisters ( including the lady that joined us in prayer), neither will i deny him in public, so i came to Facebook where i stand the chance of being disbelieved, called a liar to my face and mocked openly to declare that the name of JESUS is the greatest, most expensive and most effective name given to mankind. Father, i’m still in shock myself but no shock is strong enough to stop my Praise!
Source – Nony Macjossy’s Facebook page 
Image Source – Author’s Facebook page