I usually don’t rant about men and relationships but in recent times i have come to observe a pattern of odd behaviour in men who ask ladies who are over 30 years of age out on dates or for a relationship. First off, they tell you they love you within the first week and hope that you reciprocate, then they go for the jugular vein by telling you about their intentions to marry you and from then on start expecting you to ‘wife’ up yourself in your actions and words. While all this expectations are going on, you are to follow this person around like a dog and endure being disrespected because you are being made to feel like you are being done a favour by the man somehow taking an interest in you. Any attempts to talk back during a misunderstanding and your statements are deemed ‘proud’ and then you are accused of psychological manipulations and whipping up sentiments and then in less then 3 weeks or so, the man(who thinks he is an Adonis) takes a walk and waits for a ‘humble’ apology which may or may not come. In all this charade described above, two lessons stand out for me,
Have a lovely week ahead.