“From infancy, I was called a child of the devil. They said my mother slept with Shetani, which is why my skin and eyes are pale, and my hair the colour of maize.”

This is one of the best short stories I’ve read in a long while. I Am Not My Skin by Neema Komba is a short story you can read in few minutes which will leave an impact on you. It’s a succinct story of an albino man, Yona Kazadi,  narrating his experiences in the hands of his fellow humans who, in an evil way believe that a part of an albino’s body will bring wealth to them.

This story tells of Yona’s childhood fears and the different ways he has been able to survive. It also tells of his growth into courage and his wavering belief in an almighty god.

“It felt like a defeat – an acceptance of my own weakness – but I wanted to believe that someone out there was more powerful than the evil in the hearts of men. Where was God all these years we have been ridiculed and killed? Where was his power when machetes chopped off our limbs? And when he created us, did he run out of melanin?”

In many ways, this book showcases the evilness of the human mind and how humans are desperate to attain wealth. It also emphasises that many humans fear and hate what they do not understand.

Should You Read?

Most definitely. I enjoyed reading this story and I hope you also give it a read.