‘I think these computers have a mind of their own,’ Mavis said darkly. ‘Computers are like men. Just when you think you understand them, you realise you don’t know much about them at all.’

Published in 1993, Heart of Love can be categorized as one of Africa’s foremost romance novels. This classic opens up with Claudette, the protagonist conversing with a fellow worker in her office about computers and office business. Soon, Charles comes in and readers get to meet him as Claudette’s love interest.

Set in Zimbabwe, this story shows the love journey between these two individuals with Charles as Claudette’s boss and the CEO of the organization she works for. There is an age gap between the main characters but the author does not dwell on it in the book.

Hope Dube, however, strives to highlight Claudette as a woman of many passions. Claudette is a brilliant woman who loves computers and also football. In this manner, Hope Dube shows that women can also enjoy various activities and for a romance novel written in the ’90s is quite an important highlight.

How do you know?’ Mavis asked. ‘Love is very strange. It can strike you when you don’t expect it.’

Consent was explored at length in this book. Claudette said “no” quite a few times to some of Charles’ “requests” and this is respected. The topic of consent is an important theme which I was glad to have seen included in an old romance novel set in Zimbabwe, Africa.

However, I did not feel any major passion or spark between Claudette and Charles. Their relationship felt very corporate but I was delighted to see that they both got their HEA in the end.

Should You Read?
If you have ever thought there were no proper African romance novels in the 90s, you are wrong so check this out!