Behind Every Successful Man by Zukiswa Wanner is a story of Nobantu, a successful woman by society’s standards; married to one of the richest men in Johannesburg, drives the best cars, lives in a mansion full of servants at her beck and call, what more could she ask for? Except Nobantu was becoming tired of being just a housewife. She wanted more. She wanted the kind of passion she had in the beginning of her life.

This book is a very easy and short read that is written to portray the misogynistic standards women are held to in South Africa, which in turn mirrors how women are held to these same standards, in Africa and worldwide.

“Nobantu had always bowed down to her mother’s strong opinions. Now, for once in her life, she felt she was doing something she really wanted to do. For the first time she felt she was living Nobantu’s life the way Nobantu had always wanted to live it. She knew there would be a showdown.”

While being a predictable read, Zukiswa Wanner showcases with Behind Every Successful Man, that a woman is, and can be more than a mother and a housewife.

This book also showcases how vexatious it can be when parents don’t allow their children follow their dreams and aspirations. Without going into the depth of it, this book also shows that many parents see their children as an extension of them, hereby try to live the lives they didn’t get to live through them.

Should You Read?

If you are seeking something short, easy and light-hearted, you should definitely pick this up. I enjoyed it as it was the kind of book I wanted to read at the time.