FIYAH is a quarterly speculative fiction magazine that features stories by and about people of the African Diaspora.

Submissions are currently OPEN for its SUNDOWN TOWNS issue. Click the link below for a fuller explanation of the theme – SUNDOWN TOWNS

They are looking for brave works of speculative short fiction by authors from the African diaspora that reject regressive ideas of blackness, respectability politics, and stereotype. Please submit your bravest, blackest, most difficult to sell stories.

They welcome stories that are well written, of high quality, and generally easy to read on a screen.

While they are open to receiving stories around many themes, don’t send stories that feature any of the following:

1. Graphic depictions of rape or sexual assault

2. Needless brutalization of women and children

3. Depictions of brutalization or abuse of people with disabilities

4. Graphic abuse of animals.

They  are accepting submissions of short fiction 2,000 – 7,000 words and novelettes up to 15,000 words.

We are only accepting submission from authors from the African diaspora, because #BlackWritersMatter. This is an intersectional definition of blackness, and we strongly encourage submissions from women, members of the LGBTQIA community, and members from other underrepresented communities within the African diaspora.

Email your submission to:

Click here for more information before April 30, 2017 to submit an entry.