One of the guest speakers happens to be our very own Chuma Nwokolo who is presently at @hibf…(dont envy his travel itinerary…lol). Never knew he was even a lawyer. Just know the writer and publisher part of him. He is publisher of the literary magazine African Writing. Nwokolo’s first novels, The Extortionist (1983) and Dangerous Inheritance (1988), were published by Macmillan in the Pacesetter Novels. His short stories and poetry have been published in the London Review of Books, La Internazionale, Sentinel, among other places. He is also the author of African Tales at Jailpoint (1999), Diaries of a Dead African (2003), One More Tale for the Road (2003), Memories of Stone (poetry, 2006), The Ghost of Sani Abacha (2012) and How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories Vol. 1 (2013). The second volume of How to Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories has just been released. Yippeeee!!!!!

He will be at the ‪#‎Writivism2016‬ Festival starting from 22 August – 28 at the Uganda Museum. Don’t miss this chance to hear him read and also have copies of his books autographed by him.