Its something that is thought-provoking and needs to be talked about head-on and has informed this post considering how repulsed I was after reading the letter written by the Stanford rapist victim here. Michelle Hattingh experienced this unfortunate incident and decided to write about it in all its rawness and I salute her for this – her bravery. Her memoir, I’m the Girl Who Was Raped’ was recently launched in Joburg this week. Her book is receiving huge media attention (about time if i do say so myself)  because she had the courage to come forward and tell her story about being raped and what happened to her afterwards externally – but more especially what happened internally – how she dealt with what happened to her, how she felt, how she started to heal.

Michelle’s story is a no holds barred one, and her insight and writing is disrupting conversations and taken-for-granted views about rape and what it is, she is disturbing and disrupting rape culture, and none of it is easy.

@FionaSnyckers was in conversation with her about the book at Love Books.

Read the rest of the convo here and view pictures from the launch here

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