UGANDA’s Grace Akello who doubles as a poet, essayist, folklorist and politician. Currently the Ugandan Ambassador to Italy. Though she hasn’t written or better still published any for this long but going this collections will open your eyes to the depth of this poet/politician

  • Iteso Thought Patterns in Tales, 1975
  • My Barren Song. Dar es Salam, Tanzania: Eastern African Publications, 1979
  • Self Twice-Removed: Ugandan Woman, 1982

KENYA’S Jared Othieno Angira is not just a poet but has been hailed as KENYA’s first significant poet by critics and that translates to one whose poems are impactful on people’s way of life and that for us at BM sums up this ‘young man’.Lol.

He already has his first novel in the works…

Read my favourite of his poems here and the rare interview here


ERITREA’S Reesom Haile whose poems are mostly written in the local Tigrinya language but has been translated in English and other languages.

Follow his works here,  here and his homepage here