Amber Doll – Ladan Osman

I gutted you ten years ago, cut your limbs with a kitchen knife
and threw you in a dumpster across the street.
I watched the three-legged cat grieve you, head in his paws.

Amber, you dull-eyed monster, how did you find me?

You did not scream when I sliced the seam of your spine.
You stared. You smiled your dry-lip smile.
It was not me who colored you purple.
I did not keep you under the stairs.

But we never put rollers in your hair.
You were not even good enough for Brown Bear,
who the Paper Dolls would not give the time of day.
We could have let you marry him.

You are an ugly girl in a paisley dress got from a bin at the Salvation Army.
Your eyes roll white in their sockets, even though you’re cheap
and your eyes don’t move when you’re made to dance,
when a little sister is playing baby and rocking you in her arms.

Remember that night you were on top of the fridge, legs swinging?
I just came here for a Fudgsicle, I thought.
I threw you. Your body was fleshy,
your back so fat it was a second ass.

Where did you find your cheeks after I carved them from your face?

You are dead, Amber. I won’t believe in you.
Just you try and climb on top of my fridge tonight.
I will soak you in lighter fluid, burn you in a skillet
then wash it, dry it before it rusts.


This poem remind me of why i fell in love with poetry a long time ago. It tells a gripping story and leave you gasping for your breath afterwards.