I am a career-oriented person and so would pride myself on the fact that i have accomplished a lot in my short time on planet Earth but i have never had the handle of what true fruiendship is. It’s either my friends run out on me or it loses steam at some point. I know I’m not perfect but i just wonder if I’m such a bad person.
 Is it that people don’t feel like I am entitled to know certain things about them but want to let me in when its too late or better still  not at all. I can stand some sort of behaviour from acquaintances but when this comes from someone that is as close as family, one wonders what the world has come to but then again only GOD can be trusted this days. Now what is one to do, pretend to be cool about it and remain friends albeit or become a cynic going forward (because who knows what human nature is capable of or what surprises are going to sprung out of their bags).

One has to step up or step out and quit this whole goody-two-shoes business.


Because tomorrow is going to be a brand new day but its not going to be business as usual anymore.

Image credit – Google Images/ Pinterest