In the spirit of Valentine’s day, the season of love, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why Ekwueme from The Concubine is the perfect man to have in your life. If you’ve read The Concubine you know what I’m talking about. Cause when this guy fell in love, he fell in love deep.

The number one reason why this handsome man from pre colonial Nigeria is Mr. RIGHT is he does not care about your age! Or that you have children or that you were previously married. When you try to complain about it, he will only love you more.

2. He will tell you how beautiful you look all the time. Even when you just got out of bed or have been working tirelessly in the farm. Or at the office.

3. He will use any excuse to come and see you. Whether it’s to fix your roof or to help you with house chores. Or just to watch Netflix and actually chill.

4. He will find any excuse to stay up late with you.

5. He will hang out with you when you’re working instead of hanging out with his friends.

6. He will not be ashamed to be seen with you in public.

7. He will love you so much that even a love potion from another woman will not shake his love for you.

8.He will want to marry you as soon as possible.

And lastly, he will even defy his parents and family just to be with you. Yeah. He will.