Happy new year from all of us at The Bagus. Last year was a lot of fun. There were some challenges but we got though them. And we’re ready to take on the new year.

It’s the first week of the year so I decided to write this post cause of the obvious. Bookworms like us always make plans to read a certain amount of books throughout the year and it can get daunting sometimes. So I’ve created these tips to help with your reading challenge.

First of all you have to choose the amount of books you know you can read. Don’t pick 300 because miss A picked the same or you are embarrassed by the number. Pick a number you’re comfortable with. Be it 10, 20, 100 or even 5. I know some people who have not read a single book in years. Let the numbers work for you.

Consider writing out the titles you want to to read and the order you would read them. This helps in keeping indecision away. It also helps when you don’t have the books and need to buy them. Writing them out can get you faster to your reading goal.

Schedule out time to read. If you’re a real busy person then scheduling out time to read will make your reading challenge smoother. One hour a day, or a few pages a day and slowly but surely you’ll get there.

Find a reading partner. A reading partner I find will keep you going when you don’t have the zeal to go on. And in turn you can encourage them too.

Take pictures of the books you’re reading. Going all bookstagram on your books I found out recently can help you in your reading journey. Seeing pictures you took of your book can nudge you to go on reading.


I hope with these tips you can conquer your reading challenge this year. Maybe next year you’ll set a record for amount of books read in a year.