In the spirit of the upcoming #GrillAndReadAbuja2 Reading Festival coming up this Saturday, we had a chat with Funmi, the Sales Manager of the newly opened Twang Africa Bookstore and this is what she had to say.
Credit: Funmi
BM: Can you tell us a little about Twang Africa?
Funmi: Twang Africa is an all-round book collector, distributor and retailer. We believe books are precious gifts that pass on knowledge from generation to generation. For us, everyday someone gets entertained or educated by book (s) bought through our platform, is a great day. We strive to provide our customers with an eclectic collection of books cut across various genres at surprisingly affordable prices. True Story! We offer the best prices for books in all genres in Nigeria.
BM: We are going to hold you to that claim. What kind of books do you sell?
Funmi: Well, it is an all-round book hub. So we sell all kinds of books. All genres. From fiction, motivational, business, non-fiction, classics, to religious books. The list is endless! Our stock list comprises of a wide variety of books. Just visit and you would see. Basically if it is written and bound, there is a good chance you would find it in our store. If you don’t find a book you want, you can request for it and if it isn’t available, you can add it to your Wishlist and the moment it is available, you would be the first to know.
BM: How is Twang Africa different from other online book stores?
Funmi: It’s actually not very different. We all sell books online and deliver nationwide to our customers. But I guess you are asking in the terms of the services we offer.
BM: Yes. What are those services?
Funmi: Asides from selling books (obviously), we offer Book consultancy services. We understand that deciding on a book to read could be challenging, especially when there are so many amazing books to choose from. So we proffer advice and help our customers decide what to read. We are always available. You can Contact Us and they will be happy to assist you. For free!
We also offer bespoke library services tailored just for our clients. One thing is certain, regardless of who you are or what you do, you would need the knowledge embedded in the letters of the written word sooner or later. Be you a Doctor, Legal Practitioner, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Politician, Event Planner or even a Beautician,  whether you are about to start a library or just updating. We offer an ultimate library stocking experience tailored just for you. Books we will place in your library would improve the quality of your life and help you achieve your dreams.
BM: Wow! This is a welcome development. This means you have something for everyone on Twang.
Funmi: Yes. That’s correct. At Twang Africa, there is a book for everyone, regardless of your age, occupation or societal status.
BM: How about sales of books. Can publishers and self-published authors sell their books on your site?
Funmi: Yes they can. That is what we are here for. Any publisher or author that is looking for a well-structured avenue to sell books is welcomed to. We are always excited in working with authors, especially new ones to promote their books and the reading culture in general. Whoever is interested can just send a mail to or Call 07089145130.
BM: Thank you very much for sharing your store story with us today. All the best with the store and all your endeavours.
Funmi: Thank you. This has been great. We look forward to seeing you at the festival and our next time together.