It wasn’t long after I killed the nights that I stretched myself leisurely on the mattress large enough to accommodate four lustful souls. My mind began to wander, and my hands too…

I knew I had promised myself not to, but I could not help what happened after that. Whoever said that men were dogs when it came to sexual cravings, has surely never witnessed the displays of a hot-blooded, horny woman.

As I lay flat on the mattress and let my body go lax, I slowly let my lids fall low and the pictures began to play like a movie in my head. The minute my middle finger made contact with my clitoris, the image of my baby slowly grinding into my wholly moist, reddened vagina flashed across the eyes of my mind. I bit my lower lip to keep the moans from floating out of my room, my index fingers throbbing sideways and in circular motion around my clit. In less than a minute, I caught a mental picture of that grin of his, the grin that usually signaled his intention to dig his tongue and lips into my labia.

I shut my eyes tighter and relived the moments where his eyes would lock with mine while his thick hard cock pounded into my Chatte, his large hands grabbing my brown oiled butt and slamming all of that 7-inch goodness all into my core. At that point, I lost it, and my fingers started to move faster in a fevered motion, spreading the wetness around in circular rhythm. It was a rush I enjoyed and when I imagined him whisper “come get me baby” in his throaty voice, I couldn’t stop the wave of vaginal juice that gushed out of my pussy. My squirting was rapid and heated as I jerked on the bed, thrashing my legs and trapping my fingers just beneath my clit. When the sweet throbbing ceased and the waves subsided, it felt like a flashlight slowly going dim, heralding the advent of nightfall. The tension eased and I could feel my body go limp, my legs slightly vibrating and my previously racing heart return to its normal tempo.

“Fuck!”  I exclaimed, gasping slowly as I clutched the portion of the sheets which had been soaked by my squirting.

I felt a tiny pang of guilt, doing this without him. He loved to watch me touch myself and I loved it whenever he licked his lips amidst my climaxing, occasionally sending his head downwards to lap up my juices.

PS: Come home soon, Baby… My Chatte misses your strokes, and it misses the way you move in and out of it with that thick phallus of yours, taking me out of this world.

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