Hello, everyone….

Its that time of the year when we rewards literary enthusiasts, readers and writers alike for being true to the craft…

The Speech House International, initiators of Grill-And-Read programme are happy to announce a call for nominations for the inaugural G&R Annual Readers’ Awards  (GaRARA).

The awards seek to recognise the contributions of the reading community to the socio-economic development of the nation. The awards also recognises that readers occupy a position of influence in the society and that their collective strength can be harnessed to bring about change in the way reading and writing are perceived.

The awards which will honour readers, authors, publishers, and organisations will come in 13 categories and will include the following:

1. Reader of the Year – That individual who has been a great inspiration to non readers  and whose activity has spurred more and more people to read

reader of the year.jpg

2. Celebrity Reader of the Year – This award goes to a celebrity who is always talking about books and reading and who is a reader as well. This could be an OAP, actor, musician or social media personality.

celebrity reader.jpg

3. Readers Event of the Year – A book event that brought readers together to have fun and hangout with other readers and their favourite writers

readers event.jpg

4. Readers Show of the Year (Radio/TV) – That show that discusses books that readers tune in to the most to get latest information on books to read.

Show of the year.jpg

5. Reader’s Person of the Year -This goes to an individual or group (non author) that contributed to the growth of the reading industry either through selfless service, sponsorship etc of literature and the arts.

person of the year.jpg

6. Book of the Year – This award goes to the book that was enjoyed by most readers and ehich was recommended by most readers to their friends


7. Classic Read of the Year -This award goes to that classic book that made a surprising reappearance in the past year due to events in the country or continent such that many were compelled to read it.

classic read.jpg

8. Author of the Year -This is the author that had the most impact on reader’s through their actions both within and outside the reading circles.

auhtor of the year.jpg

9. Book Discovery of the Year – A little known author/book who suddenly became known in the given year and whose work has not been as widely read


10. Book Review Site of the Year -The website that most readers visited during the yer to get book recommendations and reviews and which they trust to give them unbiased review about books

11. Book Club of the Year -To the book club that has the most impact on members and non-members alike through its activities both within and outside book circles.

book club of the year.jpg

12. Book Cover of the Year -This award goes to the book cover that has the most attractive and creative cover in the given year compelling readers to just pick it up

bookcover of the year.jpg

13. Publisher of the Year -This award goes to a book publisher that published most interesting set of books in the given year. Book publisher must have published at least five books to qualify.


There will also be special awards for NGO of the Year and Spirit of Reading Award.

Nominations will be open from February 1 through to April 30, 2017. All nominations will be made on the dedicated site: www.grillandread.com/readers-award.

Nominations are to be based on books and literary activities in the outgone year up until December 31, 2016.

All nominees and nominated books should be resident in Nigeria.  Further information on the awards will be provided in the coming months.

Grill and Read is committed to putting the hip back into reading and encouraging individuals to read for pleasure through fun events and other activities.

The top four candidates with the most nominations will be further scrutinised by our nominations panel and then be eligible to be voted.  The panel will check to ensure that the candidates meet the criteria listed above. Names of nominees for each category will be published on June 30, 2017.

Abigail Anaba
Project Co-Ordinator

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