I wasn’t looking forward to going out today, but when the message came from my boss to go drop off a parcel at a sister company, I couldn’t refuse s it was either a sharp query or no contracts and that translates to no extra pay, and with this recession, I needed the cash badder than fish needing water.

This was going to be a while going by public transport so I decided on an Uber, so I could be back in time to finish up my novel and the munchies keeping my jaws busy.

After touching up, I dashed out of the office with my sunglasses only to realise I wouldn’t be needing it as the weather outside was cold and set against a sky grey. It was mid-morning and by the look of things people who didn’t expect the chill were hugging themselves. Beside my office, an akara and bread seller for the construction workers across the road tries to calm her crying child while furiously poking at the dying embers of fire to make it blaze.

After quickly getting my blazer and bookmarking the page of the current novel I was reading, I  contacted the Uber driver who luckily was just 3 minutes away. After the hird ring, I stepped out of the building, opened the door, got in and murmured a swift good morning while trying to adjust my skirt.

‘Good morning’, he replied. I paused!

His voice sounded like warm cream and whiskey, deep and soothing like tides washing over smooth beach pebbles. I noticed the driver for the first time and took time to give him a once-over while he fixed his phone to a holder and slid in his seat belt. He asks me to do same and in my forgetfulness, I muttered an apology and clicked it in place. I slouched and inhale the clean air and  catch a whiff of something masculine and heady which has everything to do with the male in the driver’s seat.

‘Would you like some music’, he asks and I nod in the affirmative. One of my all-time favourites, ‘Motivation by Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne’ come on. I sit still, close my eyes and try to relax but  the chair is upright. I try to adjust it and Mr. U notices this, pulls the car over, and then leans over to adjust the chair till I nodded that it was okay. He eases back to driving while I savour the music. I can’t say if I fell asleep or not but the irresistible mixture of music, his musky smell was enough to knock anyone senseless.

We arrive at the office in time to drop the parcel. Walking back to the car, I try the handle of the car door without success. Looking in, I see Mr. U isn’t there. I look around and see him. With my heart thumping hard, I wonder quietly,

‘ No, one human can’t be this this….beautiful, has the most interesting shade of brown eyes, sparkles like pure honey, full lips which elicit the image of a pouting child….’

I feel the softness trail down my spine. He snaps his fingers twice and I realise I have been fantasising about a make out session with Mr. U. Suddenly, the weather becomes hot, or is it me?

‘Back to the office? ‘, he ask. I tell him my name is Uju with a smile.

‘You are such a slut Uju, I whisper to myself with a chuckle.

Call me, Ekene’, he replies. I find myself trying the name on my tongue like….

I slowly sit inside the car and arch my butt forward making the tight skirt ride up slightly on my thighs revealing a creamy firm leg. He starts the car and I don’t mind spending the next 5hours with Ekene behind the wheel.

We drive in silence and as his hands grip the gearshift to make a turn, his knuckles brush my thighs and a bolt of electricity follow the accidental touch leaving me with a sudden aching for him. With his left hand on the steering, his right lightly rubs my naked thigh. My eyes follow his lithe fingers to and fro while moistening my parched flesh of my lips with saliva. I didn’t notice the car had stopped till I saw the gearstick at “P”.

‘What’, I murmur. Are we there yet?

‘Not yet’, he tells me. The words coming out low and husky. I look around to find out we are at an underground parking lot. A mixture of fear and excitement grips me but before I can say anything, Ekene beats me to it, ‘Do you have a condom?’.

In a flash, everything comes off – seatbelt, shirt, skirt, tiny scratch of negligee with no protest.

Next, the chair is pushed flat and Ekene’s thighs part mine, his sleek fingers working their way up my body and undoing the bra in a snap. His lips wreck havoc on my brain with the onslaught of his tongue. I moan loudly as his middle finger work their magic with slow deliberate strokes on my White House. I see a rainbow of colours as my body almost levitate from the chair with recurrent  waves of mindblowing orgasm. He holds me still while the O wash over me. He looks at me with his piercing brown eyes. My legs brush against his thigh and I feel the huge bulge. My shy fingers  touch him and I feel his muscles harden as I work his pole and we eye-f**k each other.

I grabbed his belt buckle and with clumsy fingers fling it across the backseat. When I touched his wand, it sprang free of its confines. Warm, full, hard, throbbing like a soldier ready for imminent attack. This emboldened me and I take off his shirt and feel his smooth soft body while trailing down his belly button to disappear into the Bulge.

I bent over and opened my bag which had tipped its contents blindly searching for the tiny plastic bottle. After pouring some on my hands, I got to work  on his chocolate candy cane from the tip to shaft making him jerk. He moaned lightly while I moved my hands in alternating speed. My lips joined the party and his eyes popped open. My ass hung in the air and the AC was blowing glory into me and making my juices flow from the indescribable pleasure I was giving.

I needed to make him cum fast, so I bent my head further and opened my mouth which was already tight to take the chocolate bar into my throat. I moved faster while slurping and releasing a copious amount of saliva. After he had cum, I quickly disengaged and started slurping his balls and grazing my fingers on his inner thigh. With a grunt and loud moan, he started jerking. I wrapped my hands around his shaft and moved in frenzied motion while working myself. In an instant, I was being pulled atop Ekene’s slightly damp body. I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t even expect that I would accommodate him in his full glory but as soon as he parted my legs with such ease and gentleness and slid into me. I knew it. I was lost, When the cap of his shaft made contact with my lips, I groaned in pleasure from the impact.

‘You’re sooooo tight, shugah’, he coos into my ears.

I couldn’t respond as he was fully inside me. He held me still with his firm hands while he slowly moved his hips in a circular fashion. The pleasure was out of this world as every nerve endings was feeling the grind. I opened my eyes to see him staring at me with a sappy grin on his face.

‘I’m going to f**k you like you have never been f**ked’, he said with his hand kneading my breasts reverently. The air was thick and heavy with that smell……With a fell sweep,  Ekene held my waist in place and started to thrust into me fast and slow and fast so much I thought I was going to pass out. I could have sworn I felt his rod in my womb. As he moved faster, my mouth hung open as he pumped furiously, with a string of strong words. He started to cum violently and the rub of his pubic bone on my Oval Office tipped me over. I rose far above Cloud 9 as the climax hit me. Shaking. Shivering. Exhausted. I fell into his body and we merged as one.

I alighted from the car with my legs shaking like a leaf and my shirt looking slightly askew with a subtle trail of his musky fragrance.

‘I sent you a request on Facebook and I already have your number, if you have a boyfriend ditch him, or whatever, I don’t like to share! at all… I’m picking you up at 5. Take care shugar’ the text read.

I stood looking confused at the office building and the car. I gingerly clutched my bag and while my other hand slowly assessed how much damage my lips had seen.

‘You too’, I whispered as the car gently eased off the curb and drove off.