Lagos born. Descendant of kin from the West Indies, Sierra Leone andthe Republic of Benin.

Ayodele Morocco-Clarke is a writer of mixed heritage and an award winning Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria(blushes). She taught Environmental Law as a Senior Lecturer at the Lagos State University and is an Oil & Gas, Nuclear Energy, Renewable Energy and Environmental Law Consultant, whilst also being the Managing Partner of Munroe & Stine, a law firm with its head office in Lagos.

Describing herself as stubbornly unconventional, Ayodele is the Editor-in-Chief of ‘Critical Literature Review’ and her written works have appeared in:

  • To See the Mountain’ (the 2011 Caine Prize anthology)
  • Crossing the Lines’ (a 2011 anthology edited by Jackie Kay and Kachi A. Ozumba)
  • African Roar 2010 and 2011’
  • Author Africa 2009
  • African Writing
  • the New Black Magazine
  • Saraba Magazine
  • Sphere Literary Magazine, amongst others.

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