Sena is a self-sufficient poet  considering he told me he doesn’t ‘particularly follow or have favourite poets’ which I find surprising but then again everyone is different, right?

He doesn’t have a favourite colour but is very partial to blue. Absolutely adores mangoes.

Outside literature he admires science a lot. He’s not much of a traveler considering he has never been outside Ghana before (Let’s hope Ake Festival brings you out, eh?). His relationship with poetry can best be described as complicated. Football, relationships and knowledge are his greatest passions. Languages intrigue him and is working on learning French and Spanish. And loves swimming. And laughter and humour especially where sarcasm is involved.

He hasn’t heard of Juliane Okot p’Bitek or her work but believes that reality like art is subjective and her reality as projected through her 100 Days poem collection is enough to shed light on the true nature of the Rwandan genocide. He loves Paul F. Lenzi poetry for its aptness and has spent one full day reading his poems!!! (Ermm..need to check him out then).

Sena practically paints with words and weaves his imagination into tangible form as expressed by the subconscious. He would love to pursue dance as an art form in the nearest future. He has written a couple of short stories which are on his blog, a novel (whose manuscript was lost in the process of friends being too eager to read!!! Bummer, right?)

He does creative writing part-time and also works as a copywriter so writing is a full-time passion for him. He feels that social media marketing can be challenging because one’s  comfort-zone is encroached on but considering one’s work can be seen by everyone online, is still a good niche to get one’s work or product or brand out there.

He loves the Harry Potter series, The Hunt for Red October, The Last Harmattan of Alusine Dunbar, the Original Bourne series, Dracula as all these books reflect the different aspects of life and creativity.

You can connect with Sena:

Sena Kodjokuma (Facebook) @senafrost (Twitter, Instagram) (WordPress) Alexander Kodjokuma (LinkedIn)