Hmmm…this will be tricky but lets the top of my head

  1. The Bagus NG’s real name is Ijeoma Ucheibe
  2. Ijeoma has a daytime job as a lawyer
  3. Ijeoma looks younger than her age. At least she gets catcalled by university undergraduates in UNILAG when she visits the library to conduct research for academic articles
  4. Ijeoma is an academic of some sort. At least working on a Ph.D degree should count for something
  5. Ijeoma is sapiosexual
  6. Ijeoma is an incurable bibliophile
  7. Ijeoma is practical and a realist
  8. Ijeoma is not your average girl so doesn’t like chocolates or cakes on her birthday. Prefers functional gifts like a BOOK.
  9. Ijeoma has a nickname for every part of her body
  10. Ijeoma can be annoyingly nice and altruistic sometimes
  11. Ijeoma lovessssssssssssssssssss Hip-Hop. Could listen to Eminem’s Recovery and Lil Wayne’s Carter 3 albums all day long amongst others.
  12. Ijeoma is a recovering relationship-cynic
  13. Ijeoma’s typical weekend consists of attending a book reading event or catching a movie or savoring that big jar of COLDSTONE icecream
  14. Ijeoma doesn’t take life too seriously and sometimes thinks she was an actress in her first life
  15. Ijeoma dreams about touring the world if only the German embassy will start by giving her a visa
  16. Ijeoma is an orphan but doesn’t have any of those cliche sob stories. Grateful for the growing up fast part
  17. Ijeoma speaks and writes in five languages – Hausa, Igbo, English (fluently), French, German & Spanish (basic)
  18. BM is the last in a football family of 11 inclusive of parents. Please do not say, “No wonder” when she displays those “traits”.
  19. Ijeoma has had a lifelong crush on Ngugi Wa Thiong’o for as long she could read. Has a first edition of Weep Not Child to show for it.
  20. Ijeoma can be overbearing but loyal to a fault especially…

There you have it, 20 facts about muah…There are other sides though. DM me to ask away.