When all your life, you’ve never experienced a snag, how you see the world can be skewed. So skewed. From one phase of life to the other, you’ve experienced phenomenal success. Everyone envies you. They want to be like you because your life appears to be a supercool ride; all the way.

In school, you always topped your class. Every prize giving day was your birthday; you always stacked up your prizes. You represent your school in competitions and you always came back with the trophy. You were a phenomenon.

Life carries on beautifully like this till you graduate from the university. Then something unexpected happens – you experience your first rejection. It’s from a financial firm where you have written a test. You reach the final stage and days after the interview, you get a mail that “you’re not quite what we’re looking for.” This isn’t pretty but you dismiss it.

Time passes – a year. You’ve sent out over 100 job applications, you have been called upon to write tests in just 3. You aced the test in the 3, one tells you to hold on, the other two say nothing except that you did well. You’re broken. You’ve always believed that those who don’t succeed in life didn’t work hard at it. Now you’re working hard at it and you are still on ground zero. The rejection escalates when you decide to be a writer.

First, you dismiss the rejections. Then you get angry. The anger sucks up everything in you and leaves you wrung out. Empty. Hollowed. You feel helpless but every day, you strap on your boots and try again. This is post is for everyone who has been stuck on ground 0 despite all efforts put in.

You are not alone. Don’t give up yet, joy is on the way.

Copied this right off my colleague and fine writer @santifemi Facebook page

Couldn’t help myself.lol