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Ahem….After hours and days and weeks of sorting, sifting, reading through and finally deliberating through hundreds of entries for the @Writivism Short Story Prize 2016, BM is glad on behalf of the judges to reveal the 20 entries in the long-list:

  1. Laure Gnagbé Blédou, Jene suis pas rentree
  2. Idza Luhumyo, Decisive Moments
  3. Aito Osemegbe Joseph, The List
  4. Merdi Muintshe, Un Certain 36 Novembrre
  5. Mathyas Kouadio, La Voie De Son Coeur
  6. Megan Ross, Duiweltjie
  7. Acan Innocent Immaculate, Sun Down
  8. Doreen Anyango, Levels
  9. Gloria Mwaniga Odary, Boyi
  10. Praise Nabimanya, Free Fall
  11. Aïssa Tâ, Un Couple Qui En Dit Long
  12. Frances Ogamba, Subtle Defence
  13. Le K-Yann, Poison D’avril
  14. Bura-Bari Nwilo, Like Eyes Liquid With Hope
  15. Sese Yane, We Will Be Safe
  16. Noella Moshi, Possession
  17. Jude Mutuma, Grey Love
  18. Abu Amirah, The Swahilification Of Mutembei
  19. Acidri Malunga, The Story Not Told
  20. Catherine Shepherd, The Woman’s Way
  21. Farai Mudzingwa, A Native Metamorphosis


Congratulations @FrancesOgamba @laurebledou @MMukore @BuraBariNwilo @NoellaMo @JudeMutuma

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