Who said you had to have fallen hopelessly in love or known the love of your own biological child to be able to feel certain things? Like commitment? Sorrow over loss? I mean, show me the law.

There I was at the phone repair place, sitting at the waiting room, waiting for the outcome of the surgery my phone was about to undergo. The sim tray area was diseased and before I had walked out of the theatre, the phone doctor was jabbing all sorts of sharps into my precious Q5.

What if my phone’s issue was hopeless and I’d have to lay it to rest? What if it was gonna cost more money than it already was? What if I’d have to keep coming back for more repairs? Or what if I was just exaggerating?

Truth is, we’re in some form of relationship with our cellular devices and we’re just as affected when anything goes wrong with them. Then sometimes we go through the thought process of to give up the phone or not. Should we stay committed? Is this love really worth it? Or like my friend would say, is it really that deep?

“It’s fine now,” he said.

Imagine my relief.

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 Credit: lovelarpei.wordpress.com