When she first holds you in her arms
As you cry and breathe your first breath
When she wakes at 3 as she yawns
Up from the cries of her newborn

When she feeds you to make you strong
She shows unconditional love

When you fall and you cry and you scream
As she picks you up to wipe you clean
When she scolds you for doing wrong
As she molds you into a man
One who would be worthy of the name

Her love truly is unconditional

When she worries sick about you
As you party after sneaking out
When you’d rather chase after girls
And neglect the one who means the most
When she tries to mend your broken heart
Her love remains unconditional

When she says, “I brought you into this world
And I can damn sure take you out of it.”
When you don’t call or come home during breaks
Preferring to travel with friends on trips
When she’s out of sight and out of mind
She still loves you unconditionally

When she falls sick and you’re not there
Yet she still hopes and prays for your health
When you finally realize her love
Her sacrifices and all she’s done
When you finally reciprocate it
Your love becomes unconditional

Thank you https://museedivan.wordpress.com/category/hiswordsmymuse-2/ for this poem.

This is for you Ma. Miss you everyday