Hello Bagusians!

We had a chat with Tolu and here is how it went down….

Bagus: I Have Been Meaning To Ask This Question – Why Tolutoludo? 

Tolu: In 2005/2006 thereabout, my department (Economics Dept.) at the University of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria paid a visit to the Central Bank of Nigeria Headquarters in Abuja. Following on from that visit, my colleagues gave me the nickname Toludo as I had great ambitions of becoming a future Central Bank Governor and they also felt I ticked all the right boxes to become a future Governor of the CBN. The Governor of the CBN at the time was Charles Soludo so I was conveniently named after him. To the Tolutoludo story, whenever I did spoken word performances in Newcastle, people used to holla give it up for the one and only “Tolu” “Toludo”, before I started any renditions, since then the name stuck like glue and  that has been my brand name ever since. However, I am unsure if I still hold the aspiration to become a future CBN governor.

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