Towunmi’s Thoughts

“I want a world where intelligence is put first before race or gender. That is equity – commonsense and a respect of human right because they are humans. I do not believe people should be favoured or treated based on their colour or gender but by virtue of what they have to give – intelligence, wisdom, kindness, love, impact and strength. Women are intelligent and should be given
the credit they deserve.
The world is better if we focus more on togetherness than division. There is strength in unity and chaos in division. Together we are better stronger.”

Towunmi Coker is the Founder of TCLI Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides educational and social programming with three core foundational pillars – financial stability, quality education and safe health practices to vulnerable members from low-income and under-resourced communities. Towunmi is also a Public Health Practitioner, Social Entrepreneur and a Community Builder with a MBBS from the University of Lagos; MBA from South Wales University and a MPH from the University of Liverpool.

Towunmi is wholly committed to inspiring, motivating and empowering vulnerable youth and women to be the best they can be. She is passionate about improving quality of life by promoting access to inclusive education, financial literacy and socioeconomic empowerment which can equip people with the relevant tools required to live a meaningful life while achieving their set goal. Towunmi has provided over 20 programs in Nigeria and Canada with 30,000 beneficiaries and volunteers. She is currently board member, Greater Edmonton Health Advisory Council, AHS and Royal Commonwealth Society, Community Working Group Lead for the Americas and the Caribbean.

Towunmi has provided opportunities for low-income students in the TCLI program who have received educational support, school materials, cash prizes for literary and poetry competitions, digital library and mentorship to enhance their classroom experience and present career pathways available through TCLI Foundation.