On May 7, 2020, we held the third session in the #BookstagramSeries with our third guests – Lara Kareem (Naija Book Bae) and author, Erhu Kome Yellow. She authored the short story, This Too Shall Pass and other stories to be found on Okadabooks. She has a new book, Dawsk published by Love Africa Press and a forthcoming book from Eraser Head Press. The conversation centred around the author’s writing process, her love for anime, her playlists for writing and what she’s currently reading for the lockdown period.

The next session is billed to hold on May 15, 2020 with Ijeoma Ucheibe and author, Jane Egerton-Idehen.

If you missed the session, click here and here to watch it. Do check out our Instagram TV channel and our Youtube channel here.