We started this reading series to be handled by our Ijeoma Р#AijayReads which was also our way of giving back to  our audiobook fans around the motherland and beyond.

So, we are on lockdown but we are keeping busy as well as cooking up awesome content for you.

Starting April 2020, our Ijeoma will in addition to narrating the audio version of our first Pidgin series ( Tales of Ms. Chief) start the #AijayReads project where she reads a chapter from a book in her most dramatic voice (for effect of course) to get you excited to buy and read the book in your hands or online.

We dropped our first recording on April 1, 2020 and you won’t guess who the author is!

The Book of April by Yenie Emanuel, The Chronic School Hater by Ngozi Ilondu.

At @thebagusng we pride ourselves on being Africa’s foremost literary hub as we serve up literary goodies everyday.