Hausa pipu dey call am ‘raini wayo’ beht na ‘see finish’ we dey call am normal level. Dis story get as e be but I go try yarn am sha.

My name na Ms. Chief and when I no dey gist for Bagus blog, I be doctor for one hospital for Lekki wey we must end all awa email with ‘Kind Regards’. Too much Oyinbo dey worry this people hia sha.

Di story long beht I go tell una one tin, once your friend wey be man start to dey friend woman, abeg respect yasef give dem space small. Ehen.


So, wetin happen be say as I be doctor, work no dey gree me find man talkless of to knack proper beht no be di toriy wey una come hia for.

Una see this my friend ehn, fess fess na man and I know wetin una dey think but no be that kin ‘friend with benefits’ wey una dey think say dey happen between man and woman. We dey very close so tay if I knack man now now and e no sweet me, I go call am to complain. Ehen shey una understand am now sha. Me and Bros dey vibe wella dey go till Gbam, him just land this girl wey just dey scatter im dada like thunder. Bifor I know wetin dey happen, him stop to dey call or text me or even to gree comot go outing with me. All this one no pain me beht di one wey pass ‘Be Careful’ for me be di time wey I call am say make we go watch film, na so him discharge me sharp sharp.

Me – Guy, this new American movie, Spy don comot o, make we go watch am.

Him – Ermm, I no dey too like comot again. I dey like dey house watch film. (I dey laugh here because this my friend like waka o no be small). Make we talk later abeg. I dey shit.

If na person wey get sense, shey I go dey my dey leave Bros, no. I call am again unto say I don miss my friend plus I dey off from hospital that day.

Me – Guy abeg na, you know say I no get bobo wey I go disturb, just once. Na me o Ms. Chief

Him – Ermm (by this time, I don dey hear mwaaaah mwaaah sound for phone as per una know na). Make I call you back.

I sit down fess for my cushion for house come dey ask God say na who I offend wey go make my friend use time wey we suppose talk dey kiss im girlfriend. Apart from say, di tin pain me small as per say now now my friend no get sense becos of woman mata, I come dey reason am say,

“Shey if to say I get one small bobo wey dey service me proper proper as per boyfriend tinz, shey I go get this boy time talkless of say, I go come allow this kind see finish nonsense to happen.“

My pipu, as I just sit down dey reason the mata, I kukuma use the plenty time wey I get use my vibrator wey I just buy for one shop like dat for Lekki wey dem dey call Brief Essentials. See ehn, even as see finish na bastard, e no mean say I no go touch myself.

Las las, as I wear cloth finish, I just console myself say this my punani must see small action for Akin hand. Abi!