By now it’s no longer news that we are turning four in March 2020 and in celebration are hosting an anniversary brunch centred around the theme of author branding on Saturday, March 7, 2020 between 2 – 4pm.

This event will feature a masterclass, poetry and musical performances, good food and an interactive session with our awesome speakers sharing their experiences and their perspectives on author branding amongst others.

What sets our speakers apart is the fact that we have had course to collaborate on projects with some of them over the years so it feels like a homecoming once again. We will be unveiling their awesome profiles in the coming weeks across our platforms.

As this is our first paid event and seeing how slots filled up really fast at our last year’s brunch, we will love for you to indicate your interest as soon as our pages open up. But, not to worry, the brunch will be streamed live on our various social media platforms on that day.

Watch this space!