In my usual prowl for new literary content yesterday, I chanced upon this interview conducted by Olivia Snaije (who is a fantastic journalist I have deep respect for by the way) and decided to publish an excerpt here:

Olivia Snaije (OS): You once told me that living in Algeria requires a lot of energy, because of the political and socio-economic situation. Presidential elections are coming up in April and Abdelaziz Bouteflika is running once again. Do you see any change coming, any sense that Algeria can pull itself out of its current paralysis?

Samira Negrouche (SN): Although everything is relative, I think one can say in all objectivity that to live in Algeria requires a strong capacity for resistance and very strong resilience. In particular because of uncertainties and never-ending expectations and the difficulty of not being able to plan ahead nor build anything.

We are three months away from the end of this presidential term and still don’t know if there will be a fifth term, if elections will be postponed, if the constitution will be changed, or if there will be a last-minute change of script, which wouldn’t surprise me. I could very well imagine someone new emerging on the scene. There is, however, something boiling over at all levels; a change is necessary and vital, even if the profound change that we need might not be immediate.

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Story & Feature Image Credit – Olivia Snaije.