Prospero Ifeanyi Emeh won our hearts with his poem “Musings Of The Lovesick”. He comes out tops in the Poetry category of our giveaway contest.


More time, she said.
Tomorrow, my words will still be the same.
My feelings wouldnt change.
That is how it should be when one loves,
you are empty of will,
lend all your strength to another.
You could bear to say “I love you” a hundred times
only if she could say it once,
so you could see if the truth was hidden in her eyes.

I would lay all my trophies at her feet,
push against the waves, brave it through.
I am weak but I want to be her superman
so much I pretend my doubts were the air
I slice through in full flight.
I plead to be loved by her alone.
Nothing else will do. Just her.
Love is so beautiful, yet sick
because I chose one and she chose another,
and we became empty houses
with heartbreaking echoes ringing through.

I could show you my heart and
be proud of my scars, because I loved and lost.
A heart that can barely manage another beat. Ischemia.
Babe, put me out of my misery,
deliver the final blow that will
make this heart of mine go cold and warm no more.
Put me out of this misery,
deal the final blow or
you could love me instead.

About the Contributor:

Prospero is a young pharmacist cutting his teeth in the world of literature.
Being naturally shy and unnecessarily introverted by nature, his poetry becomes a medium of self expression, especially for his most unpleasant experiences.
When he is not reading professional articles, he is listening to Burna Boy or engaging in soccer banter on Twitter.