This is the first time I am writing the review of the book. I feel like just saying I like the book very much but I will not do that. I will tell you a little more about what I liked, why I liked it and what I didn’t like.
The title of the book is Bionic Evolution. It is a paperback of 200 pages. The name of the author is Salim Hussaini. He received his primary and junior secondary schooling at Legacy School, Kaduna. He wrote the book in 2016 when he was a Year 11 student at Lead British International School in Abuja. This makes me happy. I feel encouraged that young people can write because I want to be a writer too.
This science fiction book is set on an imaginary planet called Avalon. Man moved here after earth was overrun by killer robots. The main character of the book, a boy named Zakari is abducted and is taken to a facility where he is experimented on. He escapes and with the help of a new friend he tries to find a way of putting an end to the facility’s work and free all their abducted prisoners.
It took me up to a week to read the book because I could only read the book a few times each day – school kept interfering. The book was really good because if it was not I would have dropped it after two days of reading it.
What I like most about the book is that it is adventurous and so well thought out. I have to admit when I first saw the book I had doubts of it being so good because it was a Nigerian child who wrote it. But, when I started reading it, I found out it was so good I could not drop the book down until I was done.
I like the way he took a possibility and turned it into a story. The part of the book that talks about robots taking over the earth reflects on the world today. Like in some foreign countries they have self-driving cars and they have already succeeded in making robots that work in factories instead of humans.
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