I am so sorry i have been away, reading of course. This was my weekend read and i must say that it took a lot of guts and sheer determination for the author to pen this novel as it is not written in Queens English for everyone to understand but in the Nigerian version of Creole or ‘Pidgin English” as we love to call it in Nigeria. On the surface, its a version of events told by a soldier on his having to don a soldier’s uniform and fighting on the Commandant’s orders et al but reading between the lines especially towards the end especially at pages 141-142,
‘When I am saying all of this, she is just looking at me and I am seeing water in her eye. So I am saying to her, if I am telling this to you it will be making you to think that I am some sort of beast or devil. Amy is never saying anything when I am saying this, but the water is just shining in her eye. And I am saying to her, fine. I am all of this thing. I am all of this thing, but I am also having mother once, and she is loving me.’
The story comes to a head and i understand it was all a tale told to a person not the imagination I had that he was spinning some tale for a book and that for me was the catch. Folks, i would give a link to download the book but then i would be doing a disservice to the author, so I will say in Pidgin, ‘Make una go buy the book, read am. Make una no vex…’