The lights poured in from the crack in the kitchen door , and as Miranda climbed down from the high gloss polished mahogany hand rails that was on each side of the sprawling flight of stairs, she heard sounds coming from the kitchen and thought one of the maids was there doing some final cleaning, but as she got closer she heard the sounds turn into low-sounding moans and a little repressed like someone in the throes of pain or pleasure and she could not decide which it was. She braced herself and moved to the last flight, and on the bottom she padded lightly into the kitchen ensuring no sounds came from her steps.

Miranda quietly peered into the tiny crack left by the gap between the door frame and the door and froze. Right on the beautiful marble kitchen top where most chopping of vegetables were done was Becky,  sprawled eagle-like, and between her bent legs was Andy, her boyfriend, making a feast of her juicy nether regions.

As she was about to move, she saw Becky raise her left arm to grip the firm rippling muscle on her boyfriend’s arms as if urging him to take more and she stood there, transfixed by the unfolding scene. She had never seen or experienced such carnality, and much to her surprise felt a slight wetness pool at her own core. Ashamed at the way her body lustfully reacted, she turned back about to flee to her room when she ran into a firm but soft body. There stood Anne, watching her watch the couple on the kitchen table.

Anne pulled Becky into her room which was just off the kitchen, and she felt she was in for some serious whipping but as Anne locked the door she stared at her in mild amusement.

“I know what you do Becky, you can’t hide no more, and I’m going to give you exactly the kind of trouble you go looking for”, Anne said.

 Becky stared at Anne with eyes pleading but Anne only went ahead, pushing her on the bed and smiling coyly. No protest came from her torso as Anne went down on her knee and pulled the purple nightgown from her waist and back, undulating her hips slightly to allow the clothes come off freely. Anne joined Becky on the bed, tracing her fingers down her slender figure. Planting light airy kisses on her stomach, she dipped her index finger into her warm wet honeypot that made Becky gasp as the movement assaulted her delicate senses. The movement of her fingers ceased and Becky protested with a mild moan, but Anna gave her a lingering kiss gently sucking her lower lip while her hand worked gently with her upturned breast. Anne’s fingers slid down, spreading Becky’s creamy white thighs and throbbed the sensitive bud of her clit until she started bucking wildly on the bed.

“Frigging lesbian, afraid to admit”, Anne mused, as she used her tongue to bring beck to a shattering climax. As she lay limp on the bed applause came from somewhere and Becky’s eyes flew open. The beaming smiles she got were like none other.


“Well done”, the director crowed into the tiny speaker attached to his collar, and they got up from the bed putting on their clothes.

As she wore her clothes and the room cleared, she walked into her personal dressing room and looked through the mirror. She spotted Andy looking at her in a mischievous way, as if to say “I know all your secrets”. As she smiled back in response,Andy locked the door behind him and lunging forward like he was being pushed, stood behind Becky. He placed her hand on the table top,bracing her body with his and spreading her legs wide apart as she stood bent at an angle.

“This is not part of the script”, she said to herself,  and as she stared at the unsmiling pair of lips perpetually held at an angle, she knew what was coming. She felt the rip at her pants before she heard the sound and Andy bent her forward, making her hair fall at the side. He rubbed the tip of his cock on her butt cheeks and plunged into her, thrusting fast with short strokes. Within minutes, he could feel her squirts about to gush out, and he pushed deeper with her moans of pleasure bringing him over the edge as they climaxed together. She smiled to herself as Andy wore his pants back on, leaving her to clean up after him.

 After that day’s rehearsals, Becky avoided any form of meaningful contact with Andy. She was often seen with Moses the gay cinematographer, strengthening the assumptions that she was indeed lesbian,  but Andy saw things a bit differently. To him,  she was just a young woman who needed a good fuck to set her boiling blood to rest and he set his heart to do just that; fuck her brains out!


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