So we are, The Bagus NG is officially one today and it feels surreal and exciting at the same time. We could not have gotten here without your help and we just wanted to say thank you for those first uncertain likes to the comments to the DMs to the SePOETember series to every little milestone we manage to reach and cross with you, yes you. Here’s to another year filled with booktacular accomplishments.

New things are happening and will be unveiled soon on our “website”. Watch this space!!!
Meanwhile, how do you like our new logo? Pretty hip, right?

P.S. For obvious reasons, we don’t have any winners for our #BMPaper giveaways which had pretty simple rules to enter if we must add but we will have to enjoy our movie tickets and milkshakes alone. Lol.

Its gonna be a quiet celebration for the The Bagus NG ream to refire and churn out colourful content like never before.
Thank You. E Seun. Danke. Imela. Min gode. Merci beaucoup…..