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After hours inside the hot Danfo bus, I alighted. Walking a little distance towards the door to my apartment, I slowly turned the knob and stepped into the room darkened from the sun bleaching my photoreceptors. Looking at the beautiful male lounging on the sofa, a predatory glint and possessive smile in my eyes, I said hello. My heart was pounding, the anticipation strong as I walked over, slid my shirt off my shoulders and let it drop to the chair. Bent over, I opened up the treasure cove, he watched as my eyes fell on the prize and lit up from the gloriousness I could not resist. I slowly brought out the hard smooth dark shape as it filled my hands. With a satisfied sigh, i led it to my lips. The moment I tasted the exquisite drops, a moan of delight escaped my throat and I knew  I couldn’t stop…………

On and on I gobbled greedily like I would die if I did. I could feel the drops slowly reducing with the knowledge that I’m almost at the end of this mind blowing taste bud fire cracker. Sweet Jesus!

When I was done, I slowly wiped my lips with a satisfied grin on my face.

Staring at the empty bottle of Coke with longing, i knew that nothing tastes better!