Goethe Institut is collaborating with the Book Buzz Foundation to facilitate a four-day workshop which will take place between 4 and 7 January 2017 at the Goethe Institut, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos.

14 artists/ cartoonists/ illustrators will be selected and invited to contribute to a collection of ‘graphic short stories’ tentatively titled ‘Life in a Big City’. Working in individual styles, each graphic short story is expected to capture the essence of living in, loving and loathing a big Nigerian city.

To qualify, you have to:

  • Be between 18 and 28 years
  • Currently reside in Nigeria and be able to provide evidence of this
  • Have a keen interest in drawing and painting
  • Draw or paint by hand and do not intend to use computer-generated graphics for this project
  • Have developed a body of published or unpublished work which MUST be provided
  • Be creative and willing to commit to creating your contribution of two graphic stories to the anthology of graphic short stories

To submit an entry before December 28 2016, please click here

Sebastian Loerscher, German author/ artist of Making Friends in Bangalore will be the facilitator of this workshop.