These words ‘if only people knew me’ used to come out of my mouth or run through my mind daily and it didn’t matter as I was in a constant state of always wanting something more and I just couldn’t just be happy.

This all changed when The Bagus NG was birthed and it gave a reason to be happy and grateful regardless of whatever happened around me. So, when people ask me how I am able to hold down a full-time job as a lawyer and still have time to post content on the blog, have my show on Classic FM and attend events and I just smiled because these 10 persons made me understand that once you are sold out to a vision, especially a passion project, there’s really nothing you can’t do or achieve. As I sit here typing away on my laptop, I’m thankful my paths crossed with these special people and continually do so. Let’s do this in 2017!

1. Dancingpalmtrees

From my very first blog post, she has always read and like and commented sometimes. Even with caring for an autistic brother Stephen who she constantly dotes on and her physical challenges, she has shown me what tenacity and perseverance is and thinking of her makes me sit up whenever I’m tempted to slack. I love you Deborah from all my heart.

 2. ThatGirlDorian

How can I describe the very first person who liked my posts and always has that hovering presence to reassure me I’m on track. Debbie is like a sister from another mother and she has managed to stay humble with everything she has going for her and that is enough for me to learn to be grounded and humbled no matter what I have going for me at any point in time.

 3. Joseyphina

Josephina Omoako’s blog is one blog I always go to for stories that take me away from reality and makes me wonder why we haven’t met yet.

 4. Musee D’Ivan

I met Ivan Irakoze when he was headlining the Kwani Open Mic for a certain month and since then I have followed his poetic journey and and even with health challenges every now and the, he has managed to keep his blog active with catchy content. He reassures me that life is too short to be anything to be happy.

 5. Nancy Ongom

Nancy! Nancy!! Nancy!!! Don’t know what to say but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 6. Harold Writes

Harold Benson is a fellow colleague of mine but has managed to entertain me with his stories which are gripping, suspenseful and full of humour which is needed on some days. Thank you for those suggestions you throw in every once in a while.

7. Afrobloggers

They came through for me in a big way when the blog clocked 6 months even at short notice considering I reached out to a number of “bloggers”, “poets” and poetry sessions without avail. They trusted that I knew what I was doing and gave me a chance to prove myself and now more than ever before I’m appreciative for this more than anything else.

8. Junglegarl

Agnes Nguroje was featured in my Sepoetember series but she has grown on me like a sister from afar and when I see those likes of hers on BM’s content, I know she is available to be ‘troubled’ for more content. * winks

9. Nevender

Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa is the definition of the perfect gentleman and I couldn’t have done sufficient PR for an author visiting East Africa on short notice if he didn’t come through for me and for this I’m forever in his debt. Whoever is coming from East Africa to Nigeria for a tour, just name the person and your request is granted PR wise. I mean it.

10. Subtle Royalty

My subtle royalty, how shall I compare thee! You are indescribably helpful in ways you can never imagine. Thank you veerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much.

Word alone can’t express my gratitude but I’m thankful for these special people.

 *blows nose into hanky