10 random facts about Philip are he’s obviously a Scorpio , loves football & basketball, is into armed security, loves soul food, a health and fitness fanatic, lovea to travel, the annoying first born out of three boys, a perfectionist at his craft and very sociable and open minded.

He cannot get enough of  Tupac Shakur’s poetry which has helped him help people be more aware of what society is offering them. Would love to do spoken word within different genres in the nearest future. He currently has a blog where he writes short stories and on  www.kingbtypoetry.com 

He’s currently working on a mini series called “Freaky Friday” and every other Friday  he collaborates with other poets on instagram.

He believes social media marketing  is a creative outlet that portends more good for poets.

You can connect with Philip:

Website – www.kingbtypoetry.com

Instagram –  @KINGBTY


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