Namatsi Lukoye is a poet at 69 Voice, founder, CEO, writer and all-round selfless being considering she is the current PRO of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Kenya. She looks so serious but enjoys every bit of life and lives it passionately. So far, she’s been trying to polish her rap skills but nonetheless is a good dancer and mixologist. A loner of some sorts but is a pet lover and annoyingly “good with small talk” (ironic…hahaha)

She always goes back to Raya Wambui’s poetry and that of Jeanette Ikz and would love to do hip hop in the future (*coughs)


She has a self published poetry book – ‘To my unborn Child,’  and is currently a freelance writer for the Footprints Press where she wrote 7 short stories in the Coffee Table Book, ‘Life Journeys’  (2010) – These stories included biographies of successful women in Kenya such as, the Late Prof. Wangari Maathai, Artists Chelenge Van lamberburg, Prof. Mabel Imbuga, Prof Olive Mugenda among others). At other times, she has written stories for the books ‘Beyond Limits’ (2011), ‘Stories from the youth’ (2011), and ‘Narratives from the Road’ –


She’s working on producing a piece about African royalty alongside an incredible Kenyan musician but on the other hand 10. I would like to write about the journey and challenges of the word artist – the difference between poetry and spoken word, the often encountered frustrations and how maybe I keep going despite them all. She has improved creatively in her performance where she’s now comfortable to try out new artforms. She’s very open to social media marketing as it is a strong tool to reach a wider audience.


She has produced two spoken word albums: ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Mirrorculous’  


You can follow up with Namatsi here:

Facebook: Namatsi lukoye

Twitter: @namatsiluki