I contacted her for this feature and in minutes she agreed considering her tight schedule but I must warn you she is not as shy as she makes herself to be….

 Among the many other things I deduced, I found that Elizabeth is emotional as a …, loves the window seat of a moving vehicle, loves loud music blaring from speakers (not a party freak though. Lol), belongs to Team Eat From The Pot (High Fives) , hates carrying handbags, not much of a hugger, is very security conscious ( checks to make sure her door is locked thrice every night…ermm..), monitors her bank account DAILY (You have to be smart with money this days), read ……. texts daily (inbox me to fill in the blank spaces. lol) and is a prayer warrior (will be contacting her soon..Hehehehe)

She would love Joseph Solomon to read her poems. She hopes to run a television poetry program in the future while still working on her first book “The Real You in You”. Her first poetry concert was held on 29th May 2016. The second concert is billed for November this year.

She writes full-time considering she’s able to see the world “differently”. Social media for marketing, according to her, is a great idea as it will help promote Nigerian poets. Her favourite book of all time is Ola Rotimi’s The Gods Are Not To Blame.

You can connect with Lizzy:

Instagram –  Orabetty
Facebook  – Nancy Elizabeth
The blog will come soon…