TAFADZWA F. MADZIKA is my new Zimbabwean buddy, poet and everything else rolled into one. And in the course of my asking questions, found some quirky things like; when he visits people’s houses he claims a condition that limits the amount of vegetables he can eat so as to have more meat (very funny…), uses his tongue to count his teeth when nervous, have a phobia of swimming (high fives all round), has watched Gone in 60 seconds at least 15 times, once tried to switch on a cigarette with the stove and got  burnt, tells jokes to self when alone and then literally laughs out loud (OMG…me too), randomly sings lyrics he has memorized and only notices it when someone asks, “Sorry what did you say?” among other things I will choose not to say right now…

He constantly goes back to Maya Angelou and William Shakespeare and yes himself, Tafadzwa Madzika (a tad of narcissism eh…)

His idea of poetry once was of an uptight English teacher/professor who has too much time on his hands but has changed greatly from what it once was. He was of the notion that if you didn’t sound like Shakespeare then you were doing it wrong. Now he learns one can appreciate the beauty of language while still sending a message.

When he’s not writing, he wants to one day be a director or producer seeing his fascination with videography. Has done a few short stories (really short ones) but hasn’t ventured far from poetry. Also, he’s toying with the idea of writing a book even though he writes part time. He has learnt to merge fiction with reality.

According to him,

“Social media is the best thing to happen to marketing, self marketing especially. It’s free and simple to use plus you have the added advantage of being in direct control of who you target with your stuff. Also by far the best thing about it is it’s wide reaching, a post by someone in Zimbabwe can be seen by someone as far as China.”

Favourite novel of all time is The Rainmaker by John Grisham considering he has a thing for fictional law novels.

Connect with Madzika here:

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