Louisa Olunosen Ibhaze is not only a poet but a published author. My meeting with her was divinely orchestrated by naijabookworm.wordpress.com.

Among other things I found out about her that she sleeps with full lights on(like who does that, I know I can’t), doesn’t eat Papaya (that pawpaw for those of us who didn’t study Agricultural Science), doesn’t drink coffee (hmmm…), is not comfortable around balloons, and of her pet peeves is when people chew noisily with their mouths open (Amen sis).

Though she hasn’t read the poem collection, 100 Days by Juliane Okot p’Bitek, she knows Songs of Lawino by heart (I will forgive you a little. Lol). She absolutely loves Wole Soyinka, Kofi Awonoor and Okot p ’Bitek. She discovered she could still get her message across in an unconventional style without rhymes in poetry and also celebrate  the unsung essence of  the African woman.

She will love to try in the following order – Television ( Broadcasting/ Presenting/Acting/Modeling) in the nearest future.  She has a novel “AUTHENTIC MAMA”’ published by Paperworth Books which would hopefully be in a bookshop or bookstore soon. (Grab your copy now!!!) You can, however, order online on  Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Authentic-Mama-Olunosen-Louisa-Ibhaze/dp/1530009022/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1467114204&sr=8-1&keywords=authentic+mama

She’s currently working on multiple manuscripts as usual  on African women’s experiences/tradition/ love and also scouting for publishers and Literary Agents for her completed work! She writes part – time as a hobby.

She has evolved creatively considering the fantasy in her stories written  in her teenage years and now which is a true reflection of the woman she has become. Her stories are more in tune with reality and she never underestimates the power of humor!

Does she ever get “Floetry” block? – Oh yes! She thinks social media marketing is great as the younger generation practically live on the internet so what better way to catch them?

And here’s the catch she reads Sidney Sheldon just like me and coincidentally loves  “Windmills Of The gods” by Sidney Sheldon. ‘We’ (inserting myself now. Lol) think he was a gifted writer and  storyteller. His books are still page turners. And she has read them ALL! (I love this lady…muaaah)

Some of her work can be found at  http://www.naijastories.com/author/ooluss/ on Naija stories.