In my over 5 months of active blogging, I have come across a lot of blogs that shaped me, helped me build a better blog out of The Bagus NG and most importantly keep me coming back for more. This does not mean that I don’t love all the blogs I follow but these ones just make me believe that while blogging can be a somewhat lonely journey sometimes, your passion wins in the end and along the way. In no particular order, they are….drum rolls…

  1. Subtle Royalty
  2. Britte Paper
  3. Thatgirldorian
  4. Amoafowaa
  5. Dancingpalmtree
  6. Kinna Reads
  7. Joseyphina
  8. Ojuola’s Notes
  9. Joel Jemba
  10. She Made Me Do It
  11. Harold Writes
  12. James Murua’s Blog
  13. Written Whisperz
  14. Words Are Work
  15. SimplySaid Thoughts